No One’s Space

Short description

A commercial high quality space shooter by game developer Turtle-Games.

Showcase and Basic Data

Developer granted permission to use these screenshots.

  • Project name: No One’s Space
  • Author: Turtle Games
  • Latest version: Pre-alpha Version
  • First release date: Steam Early Access Release in 2016 (TBA)
  • Compiler: Free Pascal (via Lazarus)
  • SDL Version: 2.0
  • Further libraries: OpenGL, OpenAL, Ogg Vorbis
  • License: Commercial
  • Open source: no
  • Official website:

Interview with Klaus Vor der Landwehr from Turtle-Games

Could you please give a short description of No One’s Space for those who have never heard of it?

Klaus Vor der Landwehr: No One’s Space (NOS) is a single-player Retro 2D-Science-Fiction-Shooter with modern physics. It was created as a cross-breed of the classic games Wing Commander I and Star Control II. In NOS, the player experiences a cosmic conflict between four powerful races, taking the role of different heroes. In 54 challenging missions, reaching from manageable duels to large combats, the player controls a variety of vessels and has to go all out to improve his skills to master them all.

Why did you decide to choose Pascal as a programming language and SDL/SDL2 as a library for this project?

Klaus Vor der Landwehr: It wasn’t really a choice. I’m used to Pascal since my school days. I’m a self-taught. I like it.

What do you think is the most interesting Pascal/SDL/SDL2 project out there (besides your own, of course :-D)?

Klaus Vor der Landwehr: Hm, as far as it concerns the programming language, games are rarely tagged. But I’ve seen some impressive stuff right here: Projekt “W” – Phase 2 (Although I can only assume that it uses SDL).

Are there any further steps for No One’s Space and/or are any new projects planned? What will they be?

Klaus Vor der Landwehr: If the game gets Greenlit, we want to release it on Steam this year (early access) and work further on it.