Fairtris 2: The Ultimate Challenge

Fairtris 2: The Ultimate Challenge is a Tetris clone and another excellent contribution to the games list of Pascal SDL2 games! It improves classical Tetris by a lot of settings you can modify, e. g. you can choose from 6 additional pieces generators, or, of course, you can use the classical one. The original description shares more details:

Fairtris 2: The Ultimate Challenge is another installment of the game Fairtris, this time not in the form of a tool for testing various mechanics and generators, but as a normal video game. The engine remained the same, but it was modernized, I added a lot of improvements and fixes (including bug patches), and it also received a new graphic design, much nicer than that of its predecessor — a graphical jump from NES to SNES. The game is of course free, the source code is open and unlicensed, so you can do anything you want with it.

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