New Version of SDL2-for-Pascal Units Released

Version 2.2 of the SDL2-for-Pascal Units got released! It took nearly two and a half years to update the SDL2-for-Pascal Units to be quite up-to-date with the latest version of SDL2. We got a quite updated package now. For you this means, there is no good reason not to start using SDL2 in Pascal to realize your (game) projects, be it with Free Pascal or Delphi, on Linux, Windows or MacOS. – Other compilers and OS’es work too, probably.

I’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. I’d also like to thank suve, the co-maintainer, for the great cooperation, without which some large improvements would be missing in this release and some serious mistakes wouldn’t have been caught before merging the code :-)!

Happy New Year and Happy Coding!

Here are the offical release notes:

  • SDL2 unit is up-to-date with at least version 2.0.14 of the SDL2 library (exception
  • many aliases got replaced by typed enums
  • add single and double pointers for all types (thanks furious-programming)
  • update SDL_ttf.pas to latest version 2.21.0
  • replace data types by c data types (see PR #29)
  • add folder structure (see PR #27)
  • many bugfixes

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