Short description

A 2d shooter whose source code is free to study.

Showcase and Basic Data

Developer granted permission to use these screenshots.

  • Project name: Colorful
  • Author: suve
  • Latest version: 1.2
  • First release date: 2012-12-16
  • Compiler: FPC 2.6.2
  • SDL Version: 1.2
  • Further libraries: Originally BASS for audio handling, later replaced with SDL_mixer as to move away from proprietary library; SDL_image; Sour could probably count, too; OpenGL
  • License: zlib w/acknowledgement
  • Open source: Yep. Under zlib, as stated above.
  • Official website:

Interview with suve

Could you please give a short description of Colorful for those who have never heard of it?

suve: Colorful is a simple game where the player moves freely around a 2D world, fighting multiple enemies and trying to retrieve colourful artefacts. Originally created in 48h for Ludum Dare, the game is heavily inspired by Hero Core, featuring simplistic graphics and sounds, and a no-game-over approach balancing the overall difficulty level.

Why did you decide to choose Pascal as a programming language and SDL/SDL2 as a library for your projects?

suve: I chose Pascal mostly as it’s the language I’m most proficient and comfortable with. As for SDL, after working with a few different libraries in the past, I’ve found SDL easy to use, but nonetheless really versatile and fitting my needs. The library itself doesn’t really enforce anything on you, so you don’t have to change your habits (much), and the seemingly simplistic API is greatly extended by the supplementary SDL_XYZ libraries.

What do you think is the most interesting Pascal/SDL/SDL2 project out there (besides of your own, of course :-D)?

suve: Supraleiter seems the most awesome of them all, I think. Shame that quite probably I won’t be able to play sit, seeing as I only have an integrated GPU.

Are there any further steps for your projects or any new projects planned? What will they be?

suve: I have two projects underway right now, but one is too early in development and I don’t want to disclose it for fear of not delivering… and the other, for a change, is written in C instead of Pascal. 🙂