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Fairtris and an “Error Chapter” :-)

Added a new great project by JarosÅ‚aw Baran, Fairtris! – It is purely done in the Lazarus IDE with Free Pascal and uses the SDL2-For-Pascal units to make use of graphic hardware acceleration. The full source code is available and poses a great opportunity to learn how to craft a SDL2 game with Free Pascal!

A brand new chapter about error handling in SDL2 and its combination with Pascal’s exception handling is released now and added to the SDL2 tutorial.

Updated the widgets (replaced legacy widgets) and added new links. Some tags got updated to reflect my new “naming policy” to use SDL2 instead of SDL 2.0.

The work on SDL3 has begun on the official development branch of the SDL project. I’m curious to see what comes from this.

Edit: Fairtris’ author’s name got corrected. (03/06/2023)