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Thanks to suve a new documentation resource is available for the PGD SDL2 units at The docs are generated directly from the source if new pull requests are merged into the master branch of the repository. Talking of the SDL2 units: They made good progress in 2022 and are still making good progress and soon the first official release will be available.

FFPlay4Laz2 has been added to the projects. It is a Free Pascal/Lazarus Media Player powered by the FFmpeg frame work and SDL2.

In the future I will not refer to SDL version 2 as “SDL 2.0” anymore as SDL’s version numbering scheme has changed with version 2.0.23 (now actually being 2.23.1). That means the minor version is not zero anymore and SDL 2.0 is misleading in that regard. I will update any reference by “SDL2”.

Updated Chapter 4 to reflect changes in the new PGD SDL2 units.

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