Savage Vessels

Impressive rogue-like 2D space shooter with pixel-art, physics and hard survival.

Interview with developer KPas

Could you please give a short description of Savage Vessels for those who have never heard of it?

Within fields of asteroids and fragmented freighters you scavenge and
combat against robot vessels. At the same time you have to keep away
from the surrounding void. With your carrier you got into this
threatening area. In order to escape you have to determine your location
repeatedly: leave the carrier, visit some navpoints, land again and move
on. But the robots won’t let you. So you have to arm against them by
gathering and crafting.

The visuals are based on top down pixel-art and a dynamic field of view.
Modern physics provide inertia and collision. Sound fx creates an eerie
atmosphere. It’s a spiritual successor to Teleglitch.

Why did you decide to choose Pascal as a programing language and SDL/SDL2 as a library for this project?

Pascal is my mother tongue. It’s capable of everything I need and I’m
feeling comfortable with it.

SDL is versatile, platform-agnostic and plain.

What do you think is the most interesting Pascal/SDL/SDL2 project out there (besides of your own, of course :-D)?

My nomination for now: DoomRL (

Are there any further steps for Savage Vessels and/or are any new projects planned? What will they be?

Savage Vessels is in development and I want to release it on Steam end
of year 2019 or so. You can wishlist it on Steam by the way.