GearHead 2

Short description

GearHead 2, successor of GearHead: Arena, is a turn-based, rouge-like role-playing game where you can explore futuristic worlds with benign graphics.

Showcase and Basic Data

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  • Project name: GearHead 2
  • Author: Joseph Hewitt, plus the work of several contributors
  • Latest version: 0.628
  • Release date: The first public release was August 23 2005; the most recent was June 1 2010. After I’ve updated GearHead-1 to my satisfaction I plan to do some revisions to this one as well.
  • Pascal compiler: Free Pascal
  • SDL Version: 1.2
  • Further libraries: Only those that come with the FPC compiler
  • License: LGPL
  • Open source: Yes
  • Official website: