FFPlay4Laz2 is the SDL2 version of the older SDL 1.2 based (Win32 only) FFPlay4Laz FFmpeg Video and Media Player. FFPlay4Laz2 is extended to have more features than FFPlay4Laz and provide better performance. It is designed to be cross-platform by replacing Win-API calls by SDL2 calls. The project is open source and can be found on the official Lazarus forums.

Console menue of FFPlay4Laz2. (Image source: Captured from FFPlay4Laz2_Images.pdf, see link below; 28/12/2022)

This project has no official website and the author provides updates via the official Lazarus forums (see link below).

3 thoughts on “FFPlay4Laz2

  1. Hi Matthias !

    Tnx for mentioning my Project on Your Site 🙂

    @”Further libraries”: FFmpeg + PortAudio
    AFAIK, FFPlay4Laz is the only VideoPlayer with Low-Latency PortAudio-AudioOutput 😉

    @”Latest version”:
    The latest Version is v2.5.2.
    Together with the WinXP32-compatible FFmpeg-Builds by Reino,
    this FFPlay4Laz-Version works from WinXP to Win10 and on Wine for Unix-like OSs.



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