Short description

DoomRL is based on ID’s famous Doom game. The RL means roguelike.

Showcase and Basic Data

Developer granted permission to use these screenshots.

  • Project name: DoomRL (a.k.a Doom, the Roguelike)
  • Author: Kornel Kisielewicz (Code/Design), Derek Yu (art)
  • Latest version:
  • Release date: 2001 (initial version), 19 March 2013 (latest version)
  • Pascal compiler: FPC 3.0
  • SDL Version: 1.2
  • Further libraries: Lua, OpenGL, FMOD
  • License: Donationware
  • Open source: no
  • Official website:

Interview with Kornel Kisielewicz

Why did you decide to choose Pascal as a programming language and SDL as a library for your projects?

Kornel Kisielewicz: Pascal was my first language, and in those days C++ was quite messy. I liked the clean syntax of Pascal and it’s default strong type system. SDL was a no brainer, we wanted a platform independent layer for OpenGL context creation and Input handling, and SDL was the only reasonable choice in that regard at the time.

What do you think is the most interesting Pascal/SDL/SDL2 project out there (besides your own, of course :-D)?

Kornel Kisielewicz: I have been out of touch with the Pascal scene for a long time now.

Are there any new projects planned?

Kornel Kisielewicz: We’re currently working on Jupiter Hell, a spiritual successor to DoomRL, but it’s in full 3d, and written in C++.